v1.4.3 9/17/2021

  • feat: upgrade @blokwise/dynamic cda42a0

v1.4.2 5/19/2021

  • feat: update @blokwise/dynamic 72a75ef

v1.4.1 4/26/2021

  • feat: upgrade @blokwise/dynamic 937d789

v1.4.0 4/10/2021

Introduces spreadProps prop to control wheter to spread the properties of the blok object to the loaded component or not

  • feat: add the possiblity to spread the props to the loaded component 4ef5b43

v1.3.0 4/7/2021

Starting with nuxt@2.15, Nuxt uses @nuxt/components v2. This version adds compatibility for @nuxt/components v2.

Adds the possibility to enable v-editable directive when using with storyblok-nuxt module through isEditable prop of the Blok component (or through blok.isEditable data).

  • feat: add prop to control v-editable directive on Blok component f84141f
  • feat: upgrade to latest @blokwise/dynamic to work with @nuxt/components v2.x f65713d
  • test: change test setup to use latest @nuxt/components version 7620723
  • chore: add .npmrc for publishing 947502d

v1.2.0 2/27/2021

Upgrade @blokwise/dynamic to v1.2.0.


hydration option 'SsrOnly' is replaced by 'Never'

v1.1.0 1/26/2021

  • chore: add np publish configuration f98dda5
  • fix: remove blokwise__blok class 90e4275
  • feat: disable inheritAttrs for blok component ae0563c
  • feat: update @blokwise/dynamic to latest version 3b374a4
  • fix: typos in docs 60ef8c1
  • test: add e2e test for scoped slot data 5c48ff3

v1.0.1 11/23/2020

  • feat: opt-in logging in module options af2e3fa
  • test: add tests for basic usage with or without slotData, fix blok prop for children, add e2e tests for auto import 30670fc

v1.0.0 11/18/2020

The official version is out 🚀